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Prayers and support for the people of South Sudan:  Biship Cate has issued a heartfelt plea for support of our brothers and sisters in Christ in South Sudan.  Prayers and financial gifts for humanitarian aid are desparately needed.

       -  Short, heartfelt video message from Bishop Cate Waynick...   click here

       -  Sharing Love with South Sudan...   click here 
(This is a website, sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis providing gifts to purchase food, water, medicine, and other basic human needs for the thousands impacted by a December 2013 rebel incursion in the Bor Region of South Sudan.)

Mother Susan's sermons will now available on the "Spirituality & Learning" page of this website.  (Click here or on left sidebar.)

Celebrating all that God has given us
moved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
empowered by the Holy Spirit
We accept everyone around one table,
worship together and
reach out to the world in love

"When Anglicanism is at its best, its liturgy, its poetry, its music and its life can create
a world of wonder in which it is very easy to fall in love with God." - Urban T. Holmes, III

The people of St. Paul's invite you to come and share our sacred space.

Come to enjoy the beauty of stained glass and carved wood, to sing hymns that capture the devotion of the early church and modern times, and to hear the Word of God proclaimed and preached.

Come especially to join us in prayer as we celebrate every Sunday the Holy Eucharist of our Lord, the food and drink of eternal life.

Come to experience the holy and to fall in love with God.

We are a laughing and loving congregation, and we look forward to welcoming you among us!

A letter of welcome from Mother Susan...

Welcome to St. Paul's Episcopal Church and thank you for finding your way here.

At St. Paul's, you will find that the worship of God is central to who we are and what we do. Our worship is liturgical, that is, it follows rites and patterns that have been handed down through the years by faithful Christians. These rites are found in our Book of Common Prayer. And it is this "praying in common" that connects us to God and to each other and to all the faithful who have gone before us.

Our main service on Sunday (almost) always includes a celebration of the Holy Eucharist or Communion, what other traditions may call the Lord's Supper. We come to the Lord's table to receive the bread and wine, which for us becomes the Body and Blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. Again, as we are strengthened for our Christian journey with this holy food and drink, we are connected to God and to each other and the those who have walked the Way of Christ before us.

Essential to our worship is the careful reading and the attentive hearing of the Word of God found in the Holy Scriptures. The sermon is intended to help worshippers understand and probe more deeply into the word they've heard and to find what the Holy Spirit is saying to them here and now.

A difference that you will find in the Episcopal encounter with scripture is that we humbly admit that God, as revealed in his Word, is more vast and more subtle that the human mind can fathom. Therefore, we don't try to make the Bible a list of rules or a playbook for figuring out whom God chooses to save. God has promised to reconcile all of creation to himself at the coming of his kingdom, and we trust in God to keep his promise.

I hope that you will come and share worship with us. All are welcome here, no matter who you are or where you're from; no matter if you share our faith, are of a different faith, or have lost or never found your faith. Come and pray with us.

                May you be blessed with the peace of Christ.
                Mother Susan+



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